Treatments using the patient’s own blood have a hundred year history and have seen as resurgence as celebrities like Tiger Wood and many other world-class athletes have been treated with blood therapies in a modern variation, platelet-rich plasma.

Intramuscular Autohaemotherapy

Injecting venous blood into the muscle or under the skin creates an artificial hematoma. The blood cells have to be reabsorbed and attract white blood cells, the macrophages which remove cell detritus. While at work, they expel cytokines such as interleucines and interferones that subsequently regulate the immune system towards normal function; stimulating an under-function as in immune deficiencies with repeated respiratory infections or in cancer. In autoimmune diseases such as allergies, asthma or rheumatic diseases, they reduce the over-functioning of the immune system.

Ozone Autohaemotherapy

In Ozone Autohaemotherapy, the blood is treated with ozone gas (O3) extracorporally in a closed sterile system and then re-infused intravenously.


The reaction products of the blood with the ozone gas have several biological effects:

  • The enzyme 2,3 DPG in red blood cells is stimulated and the red blood cells discharge the oxygen more effectively to the cells. People aged over 55 can thus regain juvenile cell oxygenation and performance. I have several patients with chronic heart failure who, starting out with shortness of breath after one flight of stairs, can now after Ozone Autohaemotherapy walk 4 storeys without shortness of breath.
  • Blood cells emit cytokines such as interferones and interleukines, regulating the immune system towards normal function – stimulating in immune deficiencies, reducing activity of the immune system in allergies, asthma, rheumatic diseases and other autoimmune diseases.
  • Training of the antioxidant capacity of the body.