Herbal Medicine

Used for millennia, many herbs have become scientifically proven effective when examined in controlled trials. Being as effective as chemical remedies, their advantages are usually better tolerability and fewer side effects and interactions. The quality of modern herbal formulas is ensured by companies with decades of experience, since the quality begins in the field, the extraction of ingredients, their standardisation, concentration of active ingredients and removal of unwanted contaminants.


Some examples of effective herbal therapy:


St. John´s Wort has proven to be as effective as chemical antidepressants in the treatment of major depression and seasonal affective disorder (SAD, „winter blues“). With St. John´s Wort, the interaction with many medications and hormonal contraceptives need to be monitored, since it stimulates some of the body’s detoxifying systems, thereby reducing their concentrations.


Ginkgo is a strong antioxidant, improving blood flow in arteriosclerosis and helping against tinnitus. With its protective effects on nerve cells, it improves memory and concentration even in young students, but more in people over 50. It is the only known protection against Alzheimer´s disease, reducing the incidence by two-thirds if regularly taken.


Chaste Tree is a herbal medicine regulating the female hormones in the menstrual cycle. It helps against perimenstrual syndrome with pelvic pain, mastodynia and emotional imbalance before the period.