Hormone replacement is important not only in women´s menopause, some men can also receive important benefits.


Testosterone deficiency impairs diabetes, obesity, frailty and is associated with a higher mortality. Almost 40 % of men aged over 45 have been found to have testosterone deficiency, most of them undiagnosed. Loss of energy, depression, irritability, muscle pain and libido reduction are typical symptoms.


A simple laboratory test can help make the diagnosis.


In cooperation with urologists, the treatment options are discussed, from lifestyle changes to Testosterone Replacement Therapy.


The safety and efficacy is proven in large scale long-term studies.


Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) in menopause has a lot of advantages for the emotional and physical health of women, but there were concerns about its safety after the WHI study was published in 2005. The message of this study was not to start an HRT more than 5 years after the last period. In WHI and a lot of follow-up trials with these women, mortality of women under HRT was reduced by 17-37%, which means that women live longer with hormones. This protective effect of hormones even lasted for 3-4 years after the end of the treatment.

Hormones also preserve a juvenile skin quality, resulting in an appearance 10 years younger when estimated by strangers in 70 year old women with vs without HRT.

In cooperation with gynecologists, we plan your individual HRT, topically in Hormone Cosmetics or internally, with phytohormones or real hormones.