Family Medicine

The good old family doctor who knows the family and their background, who takes the time to help you with advice – this is an ideal I enjoy fulfilling, and which also demands great responsibility.


In my practice, I employ this principle: to be prepared for life’s everyday burdens and to avoid overstrain and burnout - especially for self-employed and creative people, managerial staff, teachers and other professions with high stress levels, I offer coaching and mental training.


I make use of ECG- and lung function examinations, as well as the most modern laboratory diagnostics.


The ECG measurement of the heart rate variability can objectively measure stress levels.

We can determine the ideal training pulse range and the anaerobic threshold for exercise programs or for ambitious athletes.


The determination of body composition and metabolism can help to normalize bodyweight or to reach training goals.


Prevention plays a major role in my practice: the supply of vital elements, the balance of acids and bases, nutrition and well-ageing are important factors, as well as special themes for men.